La Vie is a mother daughter company that was created out of a need.  I had to address my growing sensitive skin issues and growing up watching my parents working hard with their jobs and body oil business.

As I have gotten older I began to have growing skin issues due to sensitivity. I looked for products in the store which usually made it worse or just worked for a short period of time. I began to look into natural ways of addressing my skin sensitivity that were also affordable. I began to create skincare products at home and really looked for ingredients that is natural, nourishing and smells good  for the body and household.

Over this time I also started on a spiritual journey where I began to learn about how the things we may experience on an emotional or spiritual level can effect our skin’s conditions and the use of body care products can assist in a spiritual cleanse. After being a part of the reiki community for a few years I went on to become a mastery certified reiki practitioner.